“The New Flesh” at ICOSA Gallery

It’s a body of work, but the anatomy isn’t necessarily of this Earth

Wayne Alan Brenner / The Austin Chronicle / January 3, 2020








“The Sorcerer’s Burden: Contemporary Art and the Anthropological Turn”

This ambitious exhibition reveals inquiring anthropologists within today’s artists

Robert Faires / The Austin Chronicle / January 3, 2020








 “Ashley Benton & Christopher Lee Gilmer” at Wally Workman Gallery

Art is, we’ll insist, transcendent when its foundation is skill and passion

Wayne Alan Brenner / The Austin Chronicle / December 27, 2019







 “Jesse Narens: Creak, Crack, Creep” at Yard Dog Gallery

This Portland artist’s images of nature transmogrified are a perfect antidote to holiday overcheer

Wayne Alan Brenner / The Austin Chronicle / December 6, 2019







2020 Texas Biennial Open Call

The 2020 Texas Biennial Open Call is open to artists currently living and/or working in Texas, Texas natives/expats working anywhere in the world, and artists who have produced significant work in Texas over the last three years. Artists working in any media or discipline may apply online from December 2, 2019 – February 7, 2020.








Muñoz’s bronze work Last Conversation Piece, 1994–1995, is an ongoing loan from the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC






Doughterty Arts Center: Call for Artists

Now accepting Exhibit Proposals for the 2021 Gallery Season!

The JCB Gallery celebrates a wide array of artists with diverse practices and strives to promote the livelihood of Austin’s vital art culture by offering as many opportunities as possible to both emerging and established local artists. The submission process includes an Artist Statement, display information, and images.

The deadline to submit has been extended to February 2, 2020!





 “Will Klemm: Box of Light” at Wally Workman Gallery

The artist illuminates our world’s defining shadows with an oil-based glow

Wayne Alan Brenner / The Austin Chronicle / October 18, 2019






 Eastside’s Past and Present Revealed in John Mulvany’s Latest Exhibit

“Secure the Perimeter” at grayDUCK Gallery asks, “What if the outside force is an inside job?”

Barbara Purcell / The Austin Chronicle / October 4, 2019







 “Shana Hoehn: Hauntings” at Women & Their Work

Vintage hood ornaments are reimagined as sculptures that expose the historically distorted treatment of women’s bodies

Robert Faires / The Austin Chronicle / August 23, 2019






 See this art: A 1910 phonograph is disassembled, then strung together

Some people take things apart. Others put them together. Then there are those who make rarified art by doing both.

Michael Barnes / Austin American-Statesman / August 14,  2019







“Jeffrey Gibson: This Is the Day” at The Blanton

The artist explores his indigenous roots and American identity in this solo exhibition

Barbara Purcell / The Austin Chronicle / August 9, 2019





Glasstire’s Live Podcast “On Location at Satellite Art Show”

Watch the full episode here.

Brandon Zech & Jill Schroeder / Glasstire / March 19, 2019



Five Skin Ten Skin

“The (art) here consists of one of those singular self-portraits separated into six works, realizing in sculptures his intense focus on eyes, pores, teeth, jaw. It’s work that is almost guaranteed to get under your skin, just as it does Ingram’s.”

Robert Faires / Austin Chronicle / November 9, 2018

“The more Ian Ingram explores the intimacy of the self-portrait the more he finds within and beyond the self.”

JOHN O” HERN / American Art Collector / November 2018

Mexic-Arte Museum’s “Fotografía y Nuevos Medios: Selections From the Permanent Collection” 

The exhibition puts on view a treasure trove of images that have been in hiding for too long in the museum’s collections

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / February 9, 2018

“James Surls: Man on Edge” at Flatbed 

The prints by this renowned Texas artist are like portals to other world, revealing rapturous visions and terrifying cosmic disturbances

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / February 2, 2018

“Andrew Blanchard / Jonas Criscoe: Call & Respond”

The two printmakers take familiar signage from rural roads and the small-town South and flatten them into one another

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / January 19, 2018 

“Practical Acts of Perception” at grayDUCK Gallery

Cande Aguilar, Jorge Purón, and Mauricio Sáenz challenge what we see through shifts in scale and proportion

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / January 12, 2018

“Carl Block: Odd Pottery” at Yard Dog Gallery

Block’s ceramic monster-faced jugs with crooked teeth and varminty eyes are indeed odd but also colorful and delightful

WAYNE ALAN BRENNER / Austin Chronicle / December 29, 2017

“Keith Carter: Notes on the Universe” at Stephen L. Clark Gallery 

This solo exhibition shows the photographer in pursuit of whatever unseen cosmic force animates us

ROBERT FAIRES / Austin Chronicle / December 29, 2017

“Rachel Stuckey: Good Days & Bad Days on the Internet” at Women & Their Work

The artist creates some genuinely geeky-cool stuff in this show that’s smart, funny, and fresh in its treatment of tech

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / December 15, 2017 

“Light” at Wally Workman Gallery

Taking in all the varieties of gold in this polished group show is akin to basking in sunlight on a bleak winter’s day

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / December 8, 2017