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Artist Talk – MuthaGoose: Luster Woo


When: Wednesday, June 12, 7-9 pm
Where: Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Rd


Luster Woo is the debut show of Austin artist duo Jill Garcia and Kim Phu, otherwise known as MuthaGoose. Luster Woo showcases a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology to shed light on timeless issues faced by women. It features mixed-media sculptures and paintings with upcycled ephemera, fabrics, ceramics, and archaic technologies, all in iridescent muted tones. Exhibition Dates: May 18, 2024 – June 22, 2024.





Opening Reception – Bending Light


When: Saturday, July 13, 7-9 pm
Where: Women & Their Work, 1311 E Cesar Chavez St


Bending Light is an exhibition of four Texas-based artists who navigate the intricacies of Black femininity and queer identity and self-discovery through material explorations in light, color, space, and time.

Artists Kaima Marie Akarue, Ciara Elle Bryant, Catherine Martinez, and Chandrika Metivier use light and space as tools to disrupt expectations and illuminate new possibilities of Black futures. Through video, photography, collage, and sculpture, these artists fracture space, diffract light and diffuse energy to interrogate our physical and social surroundings and unchallenged assumptions. The work invites viewers to pause and look closer, bending around preconceived expectations and illuminating the nuanced experiences and collective memories of queerness and femininity in Black cultural production.

Exhibition Dates: July 13, 2024 – August 22, 2024.





Editions Variables 2024: New Austin Printmakers


When: Saturday, June 15, 4 pm
Where: Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking, 3701 Drossett Dr. STE 190


Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking is excited to announce its third annual exhibition that showcases Austin’s new and upcoming printmakers. This exhibition features work from students who are receiving their BFA, BA, BS, or MFA with a major or minor concentration in printmaking from an Austin area college or university. The exhibition represents a wide variety of new artists who are investigating and challenging what printmaking can be.

This summer’s exhibition will highlight works from students of the University of Texas, Austin Community College, St. Edward’s University, Texas State University, and Southwestern University. Traditional and experimental printmaking processes will be featured. Flatbed will award a Best in Show award and Honorary Mention awards at the opening reception. Exhibition Dates: June 15, 2024 – July 6, 2024.





Opening Reception – Window Dressing XXXVI: James Edward Talbot, The Allure of Glass Beads


Where: ICOSA Collective, 916 Springdale Rd
When: Friday, June 28, 8-10pm


From the Artist – ”Beads engage both my visceral and spiritual side.  They have a timeless quality which demands that I slow down and think in the long term. I get seduced by their shimmering kinetic brilliance.  Their pixel-like scale lends itself both to geometric line work and to organic, pointillistic shading. I can create depth and texture by surrounding translucent bead ‘windows’ with frames of opaque or metallic beads, or by piling on extravagant masses of fringe. Taking cues from many native cultures, I’ve used them to adorn & glorify everyday objects and to reintroduce ceremony & magic into our lives.

“Beads are a time-release medium. The rich, glittering textures they provide means that any alteration in lighting or any change of the viewer’s vantage point reveals new aspects; more than a first glance is needed to grasp the work. Viewing becomes a highly rewarding discovery process. This work requires diligent effort–it speaks of caring, intention, and the sacred.  This is how I show my love and gratitude—this is art for the ages. For me, time is not money and the gratification goes well beyond instant.”

Exhibition Dates: June 24, 2024 – July 1, 2024.





TalkAbout: A Trajectory of Grief


When: Saturday, June 29, 11am
Where: Women & Their Work, 1311 E Cesar Chavez St
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Join us for a conversation in the gallery with exhibiting artist Monica Martinez-Diaz and Associate Curator of Latin Art at the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, Claudia Zapata who will discuss some of the many themes addressed in Martinez-Diaz’s exhibition, A Trajectory of Grief. TalkAbout is a program that facilitates thought provoking conversations with artists and the people who inspire them. This event is free and open to the public. RSVP strongly encouraged.





Opening Reception – Patrick Puckett: Western Civ.


When: Saturday, June 29, 6-8 pm
Where: Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 W 6th St


On Saturday, July 29th, Wally Workman Gallery will open their 11th solo show with figurative painter Patrick Puckett. His paintings are known for their bold colors and languid figures, executed with confident interaction between paint application, shape, color and texture. The works on paper emit intimacy, with more subtle features and evidence of the artist’s hand through drawn elements. The works on canvas command space, strength and attention through scale, assertive brush strokes and color choice. All of the figures in Puckett’s paintings are unapologetically sure of themselves, just like the technique he employs. Exhibition Dates: June 29, 2024 – July 28, 2024.



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