Award winning Architect Troy Campa founded CAMIBAart with his partner Rene Ibarra in 2014 and now directs the gallery, working with its growing roster of 14 regionally based artists to create thoughtful and engaging exhibits. CAMIBAart specializes in concept driven contemporary art with a focus on materials, an emphasis on the quality of craft, and an attention to detail.

Settled into a 1,000 square foot space in the Flatbed Press Building, CAMIBAart GALLERY is designed for exhibiting artwork of established artists alongside emerging talent. The roster of represented artists includes: Charlotte Smith, Orna Feinstein, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Rebecca Rothfus Harrell, Katy David, Michael W. Hall, Matthew Gantt, Michel Muylle, Robert Jason Cross, Rachel Kalisky, Ender Martos, Zoe Shulman, Tahila Mintz, and Margaret Smithers-Crump.

In addition to the main gallery, CAMIBAart also curates the common area of an old 6th Street warehouse turned office building, mounting numerous exhibitions each year.

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