Mexic-Arte Museum’s “Fotografía y Nuevos Medios: Selections From the Permanent Collection” 

The exhibition puts on view a treasure trove of images that have been in hiding for too long in the museum’s collections

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / February 9, 2018

“James Surls: Man on Edge” at Flatbed 

The prints by this renowned Texas artist are like portals to other world, revealing rapturous visions and terrifying cosmic disturbances

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / February 2, 2018

“Andrew Blanchard / Jonas Criscoe: Call & Respond”

The two printmakers take familiar signage from rural roads and the small-town South and flatten them into one another

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / January 19, 2018 

“Practical Acts of Perception” at grayDUCK Gallery

Cande Aguilar, Jorge Purón, and Mauricio Sáenz challenge what we see through shifts in scale and proportion

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / January 12, 2018

“Carl Block: Odd Pottery” at Yard Dog Gallery

Block’s ceramic monster-faced jugs with crooked teeth and varminty eyes are indeed odd but also colorful and delightful

WAYNE ALAN BRENNER / Austin Chronicle / December 29, 2017

“Keith Carter: Notes on the Universe” at Stephen L. Clark Gallery 

This solo exhibition shows the photographer in pursuit of whatever unseen cosmic force animates us

ROBERT FAIRES / Austin Chronicle / December 29, 2017

“Rachel Stuckey: Good Days & Bad Days on the Internet” at Women & Their Work

The artist creates some genuinely geeky-cool stuff in this show that’s smart, funny, and fresh in its treatment of tech

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / December 15, 2017 

“Light” at Wally Workman Gallery

Taking in all the varieties of gold in this polished group show is akin to basking in sunlight on a bleak winter’s day

MELANY JEAN / Austin Chronicle / December 8, 2017