Big Medium: East Austin Studio Tour

Our list of Due East's most intriguing artistic talent

Allen Martinez & Patricia May

Austin Chronicle

November 4, 2015

1. AIPP • EAST Public Art Crawl:

Gather your friends and join the City of Austin’s “public art crawl.” Explore the TEMPO 2016 art installations, plus many others. Travel by bus to over 10 public art sites with the chance to meet some of the artists. Space is limited, so reserving in advance is recommended.

2. Pastelegram Mobile Artist’s’ Yard Sale:

This is not your typical yard sale. The Pastelegram Mobile Artist’s Yard Sale features a myriad of items from numerous contributors: artist’s’ proofs, failed artwork, working photographs, works that never sold, rocks, plus much more. Best of all items are priced to sell at $50 or less.

3. Monkey Town 6:

Enjoy the unique experience from one of New York’s legendary video cinema and dining installations. Sit inside a massive 27 foot cube, watching a two hour multi-channel video program. All while dining on a locally sourced 4 or 5 course meal prepared by Chef Sonya Coté.

4. SprATX Art Collective:

Check out Austin’s very own family of street artists, muralists, and creative energies. Support the artists at their space during the tour and you’ll find yourself discovering new and original artwork, stickers, apparel, and more. SprATX will also be carrying an array of urban supplies for your creative needs.

5. Eric Lothspeich • EMLstudio:

Growing up designing video game characters and graduating with a degree in graphic design, Eric began a career at Cadillac Jack and later moved to Austin as the firm’s Lead Artist. Now a freelancer, Eric’s studio is one place on the tour to check out animated art at it’s best.

6. Chris Timberlake:

Fine art jewelry enthusiast or not this studio tour is a must see. Learning how to cut and facet gems at the age of 14, Chris crafted his skill of creating high quality jewelry. From meteorite to palladium, from opal to diamonds, there is a piece of jewelry in his collection that is sure to amaze.

7. Chelsea Phillips:

Inspired by the people, plants, and animals around her, Chelsea’s works represent the connection between people and nature. Find her studio during the tour and embrace the magic of her fascinating art pieces.

8. Art.Science.Gallery:

This exhibition raises the question about human effects on earth, focusing on animal endangerment and extinction. The display of dedication to the arts and sciences encourages visitors to recognize these impacts, remember the extinct species, and take action to prevent further loss of biodiversity.

9. Greg Davis International Photographer:

As one of National Geographic’s photographers, Greg Davis has seen the world through a camera lens, documenting the festivals, pilgrimages, and daily lives of other cultures. Explore other worlds through his gallery.

10. Modern Rocks:

Under the genre ‘Fine Art Rock Photography’, Modern Rocks displays signed, limited edition prints of music legends from Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. The gallery displays a unique collection of never-before-seen photographs sure to please any classic rock fan.

11. Eyes Got It!:

This featured event is an open-call art competition inspired by reality-show style judging. With three rounds and a panel of professional artists, talent is just waiting to be discovered. Catch some locally-produced art in between the yes’s and no’s.

12. Marcy Ann Villafaña:

Steering away from drawing and painting to achieve her signature style, Marcy Ann Villafaña explores the implementation of texture. Working with an Exacto knife, Marcy creates colorful and emotional backgrounds. From powerful statement pieces to simple portraits, her distinct style makes all things beautiful.

13. Matthew Michael Warren:

Explore the unconventional on this studio tour. Inspired by maps, diagrams, and video games, Matthew’s sculptures and paintings put a new perspective on everyday objects. Transforming them from mundane into abstract works of art.

14. Hops for HOPE: Art & Beer Bazaar:

Celebrating another year of “Connecting Creatives with Causes,” Hops for Hope blends art, design, and culture with the beauty of beer. 100% of all funds raised through events, art, and merchandise sales support HOPE and partner projects.

15. Expedition Art:

This team of artists not only creates works that are inspired by animals, but strive to help them, too. Members of Expedition Art use their paintings and drawings to bring awareness to the issues facing conservation of nature, such as poaching. View their gallery of beautiful animal portraits and support a great cause.