Will Gaynor and Adam Young: Rural Kingdoms

January 27 - February 25

MASS Gallery

Rural Kingdoms, an exhibit of all new paintings and other works from Will Gaynor and Adam Young, is a collection of work that seeks to expand the visual implications of both the words “rural” and “kingdom” – to imply that rural is more than just a place outside of town, but can be somewhere far away from even the slightest constructs of a traditional landscape – a place you can only get to from traveling your own thoughts. Maybe your kingdom has no castle – or maybe it’s in a butterfly sanctuary, or a knot in an old tree – maybe it’s a desert hallucination or it could just be a broke down barn on the side of two lane highway.

In addition to their paintings, Gaynor and Young are collaborating with Austin florist and artist, Erin Knipp, on a large scale, immersive walk-in installation within the gallery. The structure will combine the unique imagery and aesthetics in the artists’ works in an effort to create an ethereal sanctuary, befallen to, and at the same time, glorified by nature.