Salvador Dalí Exhibition

May 26 – June 23

Art on 5th

This year, Art on 5th is curating the exhibition to showcase only the most popular and rare pieces from the collection such as the Biblia Sacra series, the Alice & Wonderland series, and the fascinating decomposition woodblock prints illustrating Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Salvador Dalí used traditional woodblock techniques to create his Divine Comedy series.  In these unique decomposition prints, viewers can see how each ink layer is carefully laid down one color at a time to create the image.  These are prints that were created and signed by Dalí during his life, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity from Mr. Bruce Hochman, author of the official guide to the graphic works of Salvador Dalí, and the director of the only gallery devoted exclusively to authentic works of this great artist.  ART on 5th is thrilled to bring these exciting pieces to Austin for fans and collectors alike.