Rebecca Rothfus Harrell: Atlas

May 19 – July 22


Rebecca Rothfus Harrell’s works embody the natural world of evolving landscapes, oftentimes alongside human interventions.  Her drive to travel and explore, along with her fascination with rock and crystal formations, provides rich source material for her creative mind.  Her visual experimentation with form, color, structure and space elicit feelings of surreal foreign environments. Rebecca’s approach to dimensionality flattens time, confusing the viewer as to whether these fractured spaces exist or if they are stylized ruins of a time passed.  CAMIBAart is honored to present Atlas, Rebecca’s latest exploration into structure and space.

Atlas draws inspiration from mineralogist Victor Goldschmidt and his line diagrams created for the nine-volume “Atlas der Krystyalformen” (Atlas of Crystal Formations) published in 1913. Each artwork in this exhibit is inspired by one of Goldschmidt’s mineral diagrams. Goldschmidt’s analytical approach is meant to clarify and define these minerals while Harrell purposefully confuses, distorts and abstracts the structures.  About half of the exhibit is made up of black and white monochrome works successful in visually flattening the various planes.  The remaining works have the addition of colored Flashe vinyl paint, adding a matte, velvety, opaque color finish, which aids in flattening the forms even further.