Lorena Morales: Glimmers of Time

February 16th – March 10th


CAMIBAart Gallery is pleased to present Glimmers of Time, an exhibition featuring new multi-dimensional paintings and installations by Venezuela-born, Houston-based artist Lorena Morales.  Glimmers of Time marks Morales’ second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Continuing her exploration of memories and the effect time has on them, Morales has filled the gallery with vibrant colored rods.  Set in groups along the walls, these clear rods are painted to become glimmering lines, some solid, some gradients, and others speckled with contrasting colors.  While there are rods grouped on metal plates, there are others mounted directly to the wall.  As the viewer approaches the works, the color appears and then disappears much like memories.

In the center of the gallery are gatherings of freestanding sculptures, set in conversation with each other – sharing memories – maybe memories of home or of times past.  Visitors are encouraged to weave through these freestanding sculptures and gaze deeply into them.  Each is a memory to be told.  Do the colors, shapes, or images spark a memory?  Memories often feel like fragile fleeting things. The simplest smell, sight, sound, or thought can spark a memory, while the lightest wind can blow it out.  With this exhibition, Lorena Morales encourages us to share our memories – to give them life.