September 23 - January 14

The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center

The scene is set in a quintessential South Austin music club. A moody glow bathes the room in red light. Center stage stands a beautiful woman, dressed in a fitted white dress with elegant, bouffant blonde hair, her foot strapped into an oversized, shoe-shaped appendage. Like a fifties femme fatale, she sings Marlene Dietrich’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” alternately in English and German, her breathy voice piping through the microphone. A worm-like fabric sculpture hangs from the ceiling in front of the stage, draping outward while its square centerpiece operates as a framed viewfinder through which to watch the woman. The sparse crowd is riveted, sipping on beer and picking at stale bar pretzels. Off to the side, the bartender films the singing woman through a ramshackle handheld camera with a distorted lens, projecting the image into a barbershop across town to a delighted audience.