Adam Scott Rote

April 7 - May 6

Art on 5th

Adam Scott Rote is an award-winning, self-taught artist whose work is influenced by architecture, fashion and classic cinema. Because of his brilliant colors and deceptively exceptional attention to detail, these paintings are often mistaken for digital art. Using only airbrushed acrylic, gouache, watercolor pencils, and his own hand, Adam is able to bring to life images of the past with an ultramodern feel. This prolific artist is perhaps best known for his celebrity portraits of music and film stars, but this exhibition will feature the full range of Adam’s work;  everything from his Serengeti Animals, Alice and Wonderland, and American Ruins series, as well as newly released editions and never-before-seen original paintings. Most collectors travel to Miami or Vegas to see this artist’s work, but you can find it right here in Austin, Texas!