Structural Utopia

April 21 – June 3

Flatbed Press and Gallery

For decades, Ann Conner has employed the use of “ready-made” patterns and objects in her drawings and woodcuts elevating them to fine art using color and carefully orchestrated arrangements. The world in which Conner discovers these “ready-mades” might be the visual jumble of a craft store or the utilitarian tools of architectural templates. Singly these ready-made shapes can be seen as idealized post-modern forms but grouped, carved and printed by Conner, the final works reach for a visual Utopia.

Structural Utopia will include the four Starwood woodcuts, Flatbed’s newest work with Conner. Starwood Suite tracks the visual narrative of LA to Old Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Columns of stars, “choo-choo” train and baby dinosaur shapes are arranged up and down the wood grain. Colors reflect the glam of Hollywood Boulevard, animated films, and also the hues of Sunset Strip. The newest suite of work, Dream Lover, takes its color choices from Ann’s fascination with automotive candy like colors evident in the California car culture.