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The Gallery
Established in 2010, grayDUCK is a contemporary art gallery located in East Austin. Our aim is to show cutting edge work from across the country including Austin's known and not yet discovered artists.

The Space
grayDUCK is located in the dynamic heart of East Austin on E. Cesar Chavez and Mildred. Visitors of the new space can expect many of the same elements grayDUCK has been known for: A large, open space with high ceilings, natural light and a clean, modern feel. However, the new property brings with it the opportunity to create a more social environment when compared to the previous space. The gallery surrounds a courtyard protected by a 150-year-old pecan tree.

2213 E. Cesar Chavez, 78702
(512) 826-5334
Closed for renovation, opening spring of 2014