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July 15th – August 19th

Davis Gallery


Davis Gallery is pleased to announce their annual summer group show, an exhibition focused on radial compositions, luminescent surfaces, circular shapes, and all things Radiant. The goal of the exhibit is to invite the audience to explore the importance of form, composition, and tone, by studying how each piece fits into the show’s parameters. Each artist has created new work specifically for this exhibition, or carefully chosen work from the past, which uniquely recognizes the Radiant concept.

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June 30 – July 30

Link & Pin

Verstehen: Understanding

Link & Pin in conjunction with En Route Productions presents Verstehen, a unique performance series and “Dreamscapes”, a mixed media exhibition by Emily Rankin. Verstehen explores various approaches to sonic/visual improvisation, focusing on methods of conversation between two artists of different mediums, reflective of how we, as humans, communicate with and understand each other. Emily Rankin will be painting and sketching live while Meason Wile manipulates Live Electronics, Sound Art, Coding, and Circuits.

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June 23 – July 23

grayDUCK Gallery


Biological and chemical changes happen on vast and varied scales. Trees can grow a foot or more per year, and may live to be several thousands years old. Similarly, molecules quickly assemble and disassemble to create mechanically complex chains. Both forms of growth rival the most advanced creations of mankind, yet have evolved from the deceptively simple process of repeated success and failure.

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June 17 – July 27

Women & Their Work

Where You End and I Begin

In her exhibition, Where You End and I Begin, Laura Lit creates portraits that capture the likeness, specific expression, and telling moments of her subjects. This series of oil paintings uses chiaroscuro and realistic detail to establish attitude and anatomy. Lit draws inspiration from a variety of sources including noir film, portrait and fashion photography, the work of Renaissance and Dutch masters, Surrealism, and psychology. Her work explores the battle between her subjects’ internal and external worlds, their sexuality, and sense of isolation.

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June 16 – July 29

Flatbed Press and Gallery

New Editions

As a fine art print publisher, Flatbed Press welcomes many different artists into their collaborative printshop, artists whose individual studio practices encompass a myriad of artistic mediums. During this time in the studio editions are created under the artist’s direction while technically facilitated by Flatbed Master Printers. The publications resulting from this collaboration are as dynamic and individual as the artists themselves, whether created by layering brightly inked intaglio copper plates, delicately pigmenting fabric for monotyping or collaging hand dyed papers onto an oversized woodcut. Flatbed’s annual New Editions exhibition is an exciting way to celebrate its recent publications as well as the diversity of processes and techniques utilized.

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June 24 – July 23

Art on 5th

The Muppet Show

ART on 5th is thrilled to announce The Muppet Show – an exhibition of never-before-seen artwork by 10 officially licensed Disney Fine Artists.  Visitors who have frequented the gallery will recognize the signature style of artists such as Rodel Gonzalez and Rob Kaz, whose artwork has been available at ART on 5th since our extraordinary Star Wars exhibition in 2015.  These familiar artists are joined by fresh talent, Neysa Bove, who was a lead concept design artist on the film Moana.  This exciting new collection of Muppets inspired limited edition artwork from the Disney Fine Art program will have its worldwide release this month at our special premiere right here in Austin, Texas!  These pieces will be available exclusively through ART on 5th until July 23rd before Disney Fine Art releases them to the rest of the world.  Don’t miss this chance to be the first fan to collect a piece of Muppet history.

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July 14 – August 27

Mexic-Arte Museum

YLA 22: ¡Ahora!

YLA 22: ¡Ahora! marks the twenty-second installment of the emerging Latinx artist exhibition series at Mexic-Arte Museum. In an era of socio-political upheaval in the United States – from U.S.-Mexico border relations, to widespread economic inequalities, increased racial tensions, and subsequent hate on the rise across the country – the selected artists navigate matters of gender restrictions, immigration politics, cultural heritage, and privilege. Their artworks confront viewers with prominent issues of the contemporary Latinx experience in the United States.

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July 14 – August 27

Mexic-Arte Museum


Capricho is a project by artist Mark Menjivar that activates the archives of his late grandfather, Joe Font. Originally from Puerto Rico, Font extensively photographed various places in Latin America for a period of over 30 years. A main component of the project is a book of photographs taken by Font, which has contextual information added by family and friends at his funeral. Menjivar complied, scanned, and laid out these archives into a new book with some hand written text. Additionally, Menjivar will work with families in the community to tend to their own family archives and create meaningful projects that reveal a shared human experience.

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June 3 – July 29


Far Out

Art.Science.Gallery. announces the opening of Far Out, the gallery’s newest art exhibition in partnership with the American Astronomical Society and Women in Astronomy during their annual meetings in Austin, Texas. A mini, traveling version of the Art & Science 2017: James Webb Space Telescope exhibit currently on display at the Visitors Center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, artwork in the Far Out exhibit was inspired by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

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July 8 – July 29

Wally Workman Gallery

Mary Case

On Saturday, July 8th, Wally Workman Gallery opens its first solo show with Houston-based artist Mary Case. Her work interprets organic forms with subtlety and spontaneity. Both intimate figure drawings and large abstracted landscape paintings are included in this exhibit, displaying the breadth of Case’s technique and skill.

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May 19 – July 22


Rebecca Rothfus Harrell: Atlas

Rebecca Rothfus Harrell’s works embody the natural world of evolving landscapes, oftentimes alongside human interventions.  Her drive to travel and explore, along with her fascination with rock and crystal formations, provides rich source material for her creative mind.  Her visual experimentation with form, color, structure and space elicit feelings of surreal foreign environments. Rebecca’s approach to dimensionality flattens time, confusing the viewer as to whether these fractured spaces exist or if they are stylized ruins of a time passed.  CAMIBAart is honored to present Atlas, Rebecca’s latest exploration into structure and space.

Atlas draws inspiration from mineralogist Victor Goldschmidt and his line diagrams created for the nine-volume “Atlas der Krystyalformen” (Atlas of Crystal Formations) published in 1913. Each artwork in this exhibit is inspired by one of Goldschmidt’s mineral diagrams. Goldschmidt’s analytical approach is meant to clarify and define these minerals while Harrell purposefully confuses, distorts and abstracts the structures.  About half of the exhibit is made up of black and white monochrome works successful in visually flattening the various planes.  The remaining works have the addition of colored Flashe vinyl paint, adding a matte, velvety, opaque color finish, which aids in flattening the forms even further.

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May 19 – July 29

Flatbed Press and Gallery

Landscapes: Transformed/Transfigured

Through installation, sculpture and printmaking Sean Caulfield’s work considers the ways our environment is transformed by forces of urban and industrial growth. The visual images and environments he creates blur boundaries between the biological and the technological, the organic and the mechanical; they challenge viewers to consider the implications of this merging.

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