Austin Art Exhibitions

Current/Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2018 Season Opening Reception

Host: Visual Arts Center, 2301 San Jacinto Blvd.

Opening reception: September 21, 6-8pm

Lan Tuazon: In the Land of Real Shadows:September 21 – December 7

Exploring the Arctic Ocean: September 21 – December 7

Like the lonely traveler: María Magdalena Campos-Pons in Collaboration with Neil Leonard: September 21 – December 7

Another Green World: September 21 – October 20

Sit: Designs by Charles and Ray Eames: September 21 – October 3

Enjoy refreshments and conversation as you view Lan Tuazon: In the Land of Real ShadowsExploring the Arctic OceanLike the lonely traveler: María Magdalena Campos-Pons in Collaboration with Neil LeonardAnother Green World, and Sit: Designs by Charles and Ray Eames.

Refreshments generously provided by Big Bend Brewing Co.


Chromatic Interference Brooch: Edward Lane McCartney

Host: CAMIBAart Gallery, 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Date: September 22 – October 13

Edward Lane McCarntey, born in 1964 in Pittsburg, PA, has resided in London, Toronto, and San Francisco, and is currently based in Houston Texas where he has been making art for over 17 years.

His work is held internationally in many private, public, and museum collections including The Museum of Art and Design in New York and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  Sometimes his work is material driven, sometimes conceptual, yet always wrought from his own aesthetic.  His jewelry is often infused with social content.  While early on McCartney primarily worked with metals, most recently his work has incorporated mixed media with a focus on color, optical kinetics, and material in both three and two-dimensional forms; at the same time leaving the site of the body, moving to a larger sculptural scale.

Austin Museum Day

Host: Austin Museum Partnership

Date: September 23

The Austin Museum Partnership announces its 21st Annual Austin Museum Day, a free city-wide celebration of art, culture, history, music, nature, and science on Sunday, September 23, 2018. More than forty museums in the greater Austin area will welcome visitors with special programming, including guided exhibition tours, hands-on activities, and more, for visitors of all ages. Organized by the Austin Museum Partnership, a consortium of Austin area museums founded in 1998, Austin Museum Day is a longstanding collaboration among Austin’s cultural institutions that invites the public to experience for the first time, or to rediscover, the dynamic, high-quality resources at museums in their community. Last year, nearly 30,000 area residents visited their community museums on Austin Museum Day.

“Austin Museum Day has become a treasured and much-anticipated ‘day of discovery’ when residents and visitors can seek out not only our flagship institutions, but also smaller hidden gems,” Austin Museum Partnership Co-Chair Lani Gonzalez remarks. “We hope that a positive Museum Day experience will plant the seed for return visits.”

Over the past few years, the Austin Museum Partnership has expanded to include museums in surrounding communities, including Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Johnson City. “Museum Day is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the truly vibrant and diverse cultural offerings of not just Austin, but the entire Hill Country region,” states Gonzalez.

A day of fun and discovery, Austin Museum Day is coordinated by a volunteer board and made possible through the support of community organizations and sponsors. Austin Museum Day’s “open house” atmosphere aims to strengthen the metropolitan area’s museum community through increased awareness and accessibility.

Austin Museum Day With Landmarks

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, Perry-Castañeda Library-East Side

Date: September 23, Noon – 2pm, every 30 mins.

Cool off with Steel City Pops and take a mini tour of the public art collection! Landmarks celebrates Austin Museum Day with 30-minute tours of public art along the newly completed Speedway Mall. Meet your docent and enjoy a free popsicle on the east side of the Perry- Castañeda Library. Tours leave every 30 minutes from noon – 2p.m. on Sunday, 23 September.

Landmarks Birthday Pop-Up: Mark di Suvero’s Clock Knot

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, 204 E Dean Keeton St.

Date: September 24, 11a.m.

What’s a birthday without cake?! Help Landmarks blow out the candles, pick up a party favor, and see how Landmarks makes campus a little sweeter. Enjoy a free slice of cake every day next week at a different Landmarks location. You can find us from 11 a.m. until the cake runs out!

Mark di Suvero is one of the most important sculptors of his generation. As a student, he was deeply engaged in studying and writing poetry and was attuned to music, from Bach to jazz. Once he began to pursue sculpture, di Suvero found an outlet for his explorations in other fields that intrigued him, including architecture, mathematics, science, engineering, poetry, and languages.

Grounded in abstract expressionism, which emphasizes the direct expression of emotion through line and color, di Suvero was energized by the spaces of New York City, especially those being torn down for “urban renewal.” From the refuse, he pioneered a new form of sculpture in which wooden beams chained together in outward-leaning constructions declared the physical forces that held them in check. The works engage space in an unprecedented manner, and this focus on space has remained a central goal throughout di Suvero’s career. In 1967 he began to build large-scale sculptures with a crane, using steel I-beams and other industrial materials. Learning to use a crane offered di Suvero a new mode of working, but it was one in which the process of composing the sculpture remained at the core of his artistic practice.

Landmarks Birthday Pop-Up: Monochrome for Austin

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, Northwest corner of 24th Street and Speedway

Date: September 25, 11a.m.

What’s a birthday without cake?! Help Landmarks blow out the candles, pick up a party favor, and see how Landmarks makes campus a little sweeter. Enjoy a free slice of cake every day next week at a different Landmarks location. You can find us from 11 a.m. until the cake runs out!

Balancing with improbable grace, Monochrome for Austin boasts seventy recycled aluminum canoes and small boats clustered at the end of a listing column. It deploys a sense of mass and scale that can be compared to a performer’s perfect timing, a characteristic that is ever-present in the work of artist Nancy Rubins. Her sculptures combine surpassing delicacy and indomitable strength, a polarity that is even more striking when encountered outdoors.

While still a student in the early 1970s, Rubins experimented with sculpture by using wet clay to stick coffee cups to suspended tarps; the cups popped off as the clay dried. In another project, a hybrid of sculpture and drawing, she used a small electric fan to create a work that involved graphite-covered paper spattered with red paint. More recently, an exhibition of sprawling sculptures made from vintage animal-shaped playground equipment was titled Our Friend Fluid Metal (2014), referencing the molten phase of the constituent metal. Porous boundaries between disciplines and the fluidity of the mediums themselves are qualities that appeal to Rubins.

The Color Inside

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, Student Activity Center Rooftop, 2201 Speedway

Dates: September 26 – 28, 6:45-8:15 p.m.

Rolling Ryot and Landmarks have partnered to bring you a multi-sensory, immersive sound experience inspired by the James Turrell Skyspace The Color Inside. Join Rolling Ryot and Landmarks at sunset for three performances of the hour-long show. Free reservations required. Email with your preferred date.

Can you believe that it’s been ten years since Landmarks began with 28 sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Today Landmarks’ collection has grown to 41 works with more on the way. Celebrate our upcoming birthday by joining an event – we hope you can make it!

Landmarks Birthday Pop-Up: Circle With Towers

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, Speedway entrance to The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex & Dell Computer Science Hall

Date: September 26, 11a.m.

What’s a birthday without cake?! Help Landmarks blow out the candles, pick up a party favor, and see how Landmarks makes campus a little sweeter. Enjoy a free slice of cake every day next week at a different Landmarks location. You can find us from 11 a.m. until the cake runs out!

Sol LeWitt, a pioneer of minimal and conceptual art, exhibited five structures in his first solo exhibition in 1965. With matter-of-fact titles like Floor Structure and Wall Structure, the rectangular black wood forms signaled his lifelong commitment to an elemental geometric vocabulary, as well as a sensitive consideration for the architectural context of his work. The wall is never merely a backdrop in LeWitt’s art; it assumes primary importance as a critical component in many of his three-dimensional structures and as the surface upon which his wall drawings are painted or drawn.

Circle with Towers is, in effect, a low circular wall capped at regular intervals by eight rectangular towers made of pale gray concrete blocks. The outdoor structure possesses a discernable logic and rhythm: the concrete towers are four blocks wide while the low walls between them are eight blocks wide—a perfect 1:2 ratio. The concrete block structures are laid by hand, one block at a time by local masons. Like many of LeWitt’s works, Circle with Towers demonstrates the artist’s generosity in welcoming others to interpret his work, including the artists and craftspeople who realize his artistic visions.

Bob Schneider: The Party’s Just Getting Started

Host: Yard Dog Art Gallery, 1510 S. Congress Ave

Dates: September 27 – October 21

Opening reception: September 27, 7 – 9pm

New collage work from Austin artist/musician Bob Schneider. Bob continues to surprise, amaze, and amuse us. His latest cut & paste pieces are funny, provocative, outrageous, and pretty dang cool.

Landmarks Birthday Pop-Up: The West

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, East of COM on Inner Campus Drive

Date: September 27, 11a.m.

What’s a birthday without cake?! Help Landmarks blow out the candles, pick up a party favor, and see how Landmarks makes campus a little sweeter. Enjoy a free slice of cake every day next week at a different Landmarks location. You can find us from 11 a.m. until the cake runs out!

Like the Dada artists of the 1910s and Pop artists of the 1960s, Donald Lipski uses ordinary objects from daily life—things easily recognized but not necessarily having a single or specific intended meaning—and assembles them in whimsical and surprising ways. He is best known for extensive arrangements of found objects that appear to have little or nothing in common, often using humorous and perplexing titles to enhance or mask meanings. Unlike formalist artists, whose goal is visual beauty, Lipski’s approach to art is primarily conceptual; that is, he seeks to express ideas and elicit viewer reactions. The visual appeal, however, remains strong and tantalizing.

The West consists of two spherical buoys, each measuring five feet in diameter. Such buoys mark deep-water shipping channels and are often used to indicate where large commercial and military ships are permitted to anchor offshore. Their typical place is floating on open bodies of water. Now situated on dry land, the buoys are no longer functional, like fish out of water. Instead of providing secure anchorage to ships, the two buoys are shackled uselessly to each other. To the surfaces of the metal buoys Lipski glued regular pennies that he deliberately corroded, alluding to the predominance of capitalism in Western values and the global reach of the American dollar.

Landmarks Birthday Pop-Up: Square Tilt

Host: Landmarks UT Austin, PCL Plaza

Date: September 28, 11a.m.

What’s a birthday without cake?! Help Landmarks blow out the candles, pick up a party favor, and see how Landmarks makes campus a little sweeter. Enjoy a free slice of cake every day next week at a different Landmarks location. You can find us from 11 a.m. until the cake runs out!

Using industrial-grade steel plate to fabricate geometric abstract sculptures, Joel Perlman espoused the purely visual aesthetics championed by the critic Clement Greenberg (1909–1994), in which form takes precedence over subject.

Perlman’s works of the 1980s are pictorial; that is, they are essentially flat arrangements best seen from a frontal viewpoint, like a painting. He drew inspiration from the abstract compositions of the vanguard Russian artists Kasimir Malevich (1879–1935) and El Lissitzky (1890–1941). Although created in the 1910s and ’20s, their work—in which the purity of geometric forms is enlivened by being tilted on a diagonal axis—was rediscovered in the 1960s and ‘70s.


Host: Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Rd

Dates: September 28 – October 27

Opening reception: October 3, 7 – 9pm

Lockhart is drawn to the immediacy and spontaneity of street and documentary photography. His approach to printing images uses labor intensive, handmade methods from the 19th century. The result is a body of work which is focused on underlying style, process and the syntax of print, rather than thematic or conceptual priorities.

Seasons of Fruition

Host: Dimension Gallery, 979 Springdale, Ste. 99

Dates: October 4 – November 11

Opening reception: October 4, 7 – 10pm

Join us in October for the inaugural group show of the recently selected 2019/2020 Fellowship artists at Dimension Gallery. ‘Seasons of Fruition’ is a reflection on causality. The show takes place in the abundant fall season and embodies the synergy of this new group and all of the creative output that is to come in the next two years. The show will also reflect on the dichotomy between things and projects coming ephemerally into fruition before disappearing or transforming.


Host: Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 West 6th Street

Dates: October 6 – 27

Opening reception: October 6, 6 – 8pm

Artist talk: October 4, 6pm

On Saturday, October 6th, Wally Workman Gallery will open a two-person show with Mia Carameros and Holly Wilson entitled Shadows. A painter and a sculptor respectively, Carameros and Wilson’s work incorporates the idea of the shadow both literally and figuratively. Carameros creates her botanical pieces from the shadows of found foliage that she presses and preserves. These ‘shadows’ echo the complexities and beauty found in creation. Wilson’s sculptures also appear as silhouettes, each part of a narrative that cast their own shadows. These shadows are a metaphor for the secrets unspoken, sometimes benign and sometimes nefarious.

Small Works

Host: Link & Pin Gallery, 2235 E. 6th St. #102

Dates: October 5 – 28

Opening reception: October 12, 6 – 8pm

A juried fine art exhibit featuring a diverse collection of works in various mediums by members of the Creative Arts Society.

(Im)possibilities: A Retrospective of Dysfunction | Gareth Maguire

Host: Flatbed Press and Gallery, 2830 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Dates: September 25 – November 3

Opening reception: October 20, 5 – 8pm

Over the course of two years at the Flatbed studio Gareth Maguire has created an expressive array of monotypes and monoprints. Steeped in his stream of consciousness approach to image making, each piece is a map of the moods, the music and the surroundings that Maguire found inside and outside the studio. This immediate and impassioned approach to image making imbues his prints with a heartbeat one can both see and feel throughout his body of work.

Nola Parker

Host: Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 West 6th Street

Dates: November 3 – 24

Opening reception: November 3, 6 – 8pm

On Saturday, November 3rd, Wally Workman Gallery will open their first solo show with painter Nola Parker. Born and raised in Vermont, Parker feels most at home in the outdoors. Her connection and love of the natural world inspires much of her work. Her current paintings explore the junction between civilization and wilderness and the interplay of man-made structures with their enduring natural environments. She works to communicate the variety of nature in shape, color, texture, and attitude, and to capture the energy that is not visible at first but can be found in all things, if observed carefully. This show includes gouache works depicting scenes from Texas as well as Vermont.

Five Skin Ten Skin

Host: Dimension Gallery, 979 Springdale Rd., Ste. 98

Date: November 15 – January 5

Opening reception: November 15, 7-10pm

Ian Ingram has stood in front of a magnifying mirror for more than 20 years. He makes enormous self portraits with gobsmacking mastery of charcoal and oil paint. His aim has consistently been to focus the flame of self-observation and render what is seen and what happens while seeing. What does happen to a psyche under that kind of self-scrutiny? The work in this collection shows the quicksilver wiggle of a consciousness that refuses to be pinned down, defined, or contained.  Ingram’s portraits ask, “who or what am I?” and this body of work approaches an answer: Space. Air. Void. The in-between.  The work in this show is one self portrait, pulled apart, dissected into six separate pieces.  Dimension Gallery is proud to show Ingram’s first sculptural work as it climbs out of the picture plane and begins to share that Space and Air with its viewers.
Five Skin Ten Skin opens at Dimension Gallery, a contemporary sculpture gallery in East Austin, on November 15th. The show will be open to the public during the second weekend of the EAST Austin Studio tour through January 5th. For those few folk in Texas who know of Ingram’s work, it is with great pleasure that Dimension Gallery can finally answer the refrain, “what is he doing in there?!?” He walks into his studio, shuts the door, covers the windows and looks into a mirror.


Ongoing Exhibitions


Black Rainbow by Terra Goolsby

Host: Dimension Gallery, 979 Springdale

Date: August 16 – September 29

Black Rainbow is an exhibition of new sculptural works by multi media artist Terra Goolsby. Utilizing a variety of sensual materials including, porcelain, fur, and quartz, this collection of objects deconstructs accounts on idolatry and it’s association with sculpture. Abstracted figures forge an unadulterated homage to formal elements by exploring surface, tactility, and form. Slick reflective exteriors coupled with tactual interiors establish associations with attachment and materiality.  

Terra Goolsby is a multi-media artist that draws upon mythologies, mysticism, science fiction, religious lore, and psychology. Her work connects old narratives and new cultural assessments of female sexuality while investigating the integration of creation and destruction, interiority and exteriority, collectivity and singularity, as well as strength and vulnerability. It’s beauty and politics delve into darker aspects of femininity that lie concealed, dormant or just beneath the surface such as the predatory and the seductive. With a focus on the uncompromising, unbridled and primordial nature of characters and settings, her work harbors an aesthetic that is both dangerous and sensual.

Terra Goolsby holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been an artist in residence at several institutions including West Dean College of Sussex University in Chichester, England, Vermont Studio Center, and I-Park Foundation in New Hampshire. Her work has been exhibited through out Texas, nationally, and internationally. She continues to work and live in Austin, Texas.

 Jill Lear + Katie Maratta Opening Reception

Host: Gallery Shoal Creek, 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 3

Dates: August 18 – September 29

Jill Lear first showed with Gallery Shoal Creek in 2008. Over the course of ten years, we have followed the gradual evolution of the arist’s mapping experiences in nature and the formal way in which she approachs the interpretive narratives of the magnificant trees that she shares with the viewer. Central to the artist’s thinking is the question: “How do we process the world around us?” For Lear, the investigation has always started with the particular-the place itself-identified with the longitude and latitude followed by a study of the topography, proportions, negative space and positive forms.

In creating her “horizonscapes,” Katie Maratta acknowledges an apparent contradiction. While the literal picture plane is incredibly small, the visual space it suggests is vast. The technique is understated and monochromatic, but the elements of the composition retain their weight and authority. Upon moving to Texas in the mid 1990s, Maratta was struck by the rich visual experience of West Texas. While these wide-open expanses and long lonely highways may be the stuff of clichéd country songs and western movies, they still evoke wonder for the Princeton educated artist who calls Austin home.

Carol Dawson Opening Reception

Host: Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 West 6th Street

Dates: September 8 – 29

Dawson aims to transform the perception of commonplace natural scenes into one of new wonder. She demonstrates how a small piece of our everyday world is filled with detail and life, turning the micro into macro. In this body of work, Dawson employs birds as well as botanicals as her subjects. She depicts the birds on a human-like scale. The effect not only captures their immediate beauty but lends each an inescapable presence. As iconic as birds have been throughout human cultural development–occupying an archetypal place in our psyches—they are often seen as small, distant creatures, forever flitting beyond reach. However, in Dawson’s work, they confront the viewer eye-to-eye, ensuring a new consideration. Dawson hopes that the viewer will perhaps feel as if he or she is facing an equal–a bird meeting another bird on its own ground–and remember that the conservation of this dwindling population is of primary importance to us.

Heroines + Warriors + Goddessess

Host: Link and Pin Gallery, 2235 E. 6th St. #102

Dates: September 1 – 30

Link & Pin Gallery presents three Austin Painters, expressing their individual impressions of the ordinary to the extraordinary historically courageous womanhood.    Though difficult to choose a single example, there is a remarkable history of women rising above their circumstances to excel beyond even their own expectations. These artists bring their own unique interpretations of courage in the feminine.

Quick and Quiet

Host: Big Medium, 916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #101

Dates: September 7 – October 6

Quick and Quiet is a solo exhibition featuring Galveston-based artist Ann Wood. Quick and Quiet explores domesticity, death, and attraction/repulsion as a reaction to visual cues combined with a Rococo and Baroque aesthetic.

We Can See Through Time

Host: ICOSA Collective Gallery, 916 Springdale Rd. Building 2, #102

Dates: September 7 – October 6

ICOSA Collective presents We Can See Through Time, an exhibition of 3-D drawings by Matt Rebholz and Rachel Wolfson Smith. In their second collaboration, they transform rocks, plants, and urban detritus into fantastic landscapes. Found objects, construction materials and star charts are cropped, collaged and reimagined as layered red and blue drawings. Audience members will be issued a pair of 3-D glasses that act as a point of entry into these disorienting spaces. The glasses allow viewers to explore forgotten ruins and possible futures within these playful and theatrical environments. The experience reinforces a sense of individual location within time and Space. We Can See Through Time is the first two-person show at ICOSA’s new gallery space at the Canopy Complex. It reasserts the Collective’s core goals of collaboration and experimentation.

Aim Carefully: Gabe Leonard

Host: Art on 5th Gallery, 3005 S. Lamar Blvd.

Dates: September 8 – October 7

Gabe Leonard is an internationally known California-based artist, formerly an annual participant in Austin’s Pecan Street Festival. His cinematically staged paintings of sharpshooters, gangsters, gamblers, and musicians are in the collection of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. This year’s exhibit will feature new work from his recently released “Grit” series. Original oils, hand-embellished artist proofs, and limited edition giclees on canvas will be available for collection. Don’t miss this highly anticipated exhibition from one of our most popular artists.

Loved To Death | Polly Morwood and Annalise Gratovich

Host: Leona Gallery, 1700 E. 12th Street

Dates: September 7 – October 12

Loved To Death is an exhibition of collaborative works on paper created over the past year by Polly Morwood and Annalise Gratovich. Utilizing copper plate etchings and embroidery, each handmade piece was pulled from a manual printing press in the Flatbed Press printshop of East Austin and completed in each artist’s respective studio. This new body of work explores innocence and tragedy, desire and sexuality, femininity and violence, and the boundaries in-between. 

Polly Morwood is an Australian artist living in Austin, Tx, where she relocated after receiving her BFA from The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. During her time in Texas her studio practice has distilled into what it is today- a vibrant portfolio of illustration and works on paper centered around the female body and feminine identity. The addition of hand-embroidery to her works on paper is the most recent innovation in her studio, developing from a background in fashion design and illustration. She has worked in local galleries and arts businesses, and was an integral member of the artist-run gallery and art-making space Lion’s Nest. She has clients both in the US and abroad in Australia.

Annalise Natasha Gratovich lives and works in Austin, Texas. She is the Associate Director of the fine art print publisher Flatbed Press and a member of the Board of Directors of PrintAustin. Gratovich exhibits extensively nationally and internationally, most recently in New York, NY, Denver, CO, Dawson City, Youkon, and Buggenhagen, Germany. She is a sought-after visiting artist and speaker throughout the state of Texas and was most recently a guest at New Leaf Editions in Vancouver, B.C. She has work in numerous private and public collections, the most recent acquisition going to the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Texas Photographic Society 31st Annual Members’ Show

Host: Artworks Gallery, 1214 West 6th Street

Dates: September 7 – October 13

Artworks is proud to host the 31st annual members exhibit for the Texas Photographic Society.  The jury for this show selected members’ best snaps of the year and awarded prizes for outstanding work.  Please join us for the opening reception as we take in this wonderful collection of Texan photography.

Edward Lane McCartney: Holding Patterns

Host: CAMIBAart Gallery, 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 111

Dates: September 15 – October 13

Artist Discussion & Catalog Signing: October 6, 1 – 3pm

CAMIBAart is excited to present Edward Lane McCartney’s second solo exhibit with the gallery.  Following a 2016 adventure with a Hopi pottery collector through the Southwest, McCartney returned to his studio inspired to explore the concepts of landscape and topography.  Spanning two years and dealing with these concepts, the works in this exhibit fall into four main series: Typecast, Canyon Suite, Arabesques, Formations.

Escape Your Kind: New Paintings

Host: Yard Dog Art Gallery, 1510 S. Congress Ave.

Dates: September 8 – October 14

Harry Underwood is a self taught painter living in Nashville Tennessee. Florida born and raised, his early adulthood included short stints in New Orleans and Austin before he eventually settled in Nashville. His paintings feature nostalgic characters and a soft, muted palette that remind one of old postcards and advertising. They also feature pencil-written musings that say things like “You ought to periodically annihilate the structure of your orbit,” or “Moments stack together and build forever and ever.” The idea is to grab the viewer at a distance then pull them in to examine the details up close.

Wet, Wild, & a Wee Bit of Whimsy

Host: Art for the People Gallery, 1711 S 1st St.

Date: June 27 – October 20

What better way to describe summer in Austin than Wet, Wild & a Wee Bit of Whimsy! Our curators injected a whole lot of “Woo-Hoo” into Art for the People’s summer 2018 exhibition. We had a massive and magnificent open call for artwork, the result of which showcases 60+ Austin artists, 35 of whom are brand new to Art for the People. We are so very grateful to the all the artists who submitted artwork.
Featured artists: Aimée Everett, Alicia Philley, Alison Pilon, Andrea Speed, Anna Mallum, Brian Imler, Bryan Macilko, Carol Aaron, Carol Hayman, Catherine Hicks, Celeste Garvey-Petsch, Chaos Woods, Chris Celusniak, Chris Landry, Christy Stallop, Connor Teseny, Courtney Cavaliere, Dane Gudde, Elizabeth Howard, Eris Gentle, Flaw’d, Gerardo Rodriguez, Hallie Rae Ward, Hilary Christensen, Hunter Saltzgiver, J Sam Frankel, Jamie Stephens, Janis Fowler, Jennifer Brazell, Jessica Timko, Juan Villegas, Julene Franki, Julia Bowman, Katie Cowden, Katie Dunkle, Kerry Hugins, Kimmothy Cole, Kristin Moore, Lacy Lichtenhan, Laura Ackerman, Laura Lee Romaine, Linda Murray, Meg Rainwater, Melanie Farris, Mike Bayer, Nathan Wood, Rachelle Penny, Rakhee Jain, Rebecca Klier, RJ Armstrong, Robert Page, Rosemarie Good, Rosemary Allen, Sarah Beth Elkins, Shawna Stroup Billet, Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch,
Stacey Miller (Kaijuju Designs), Stacy Canion, Stephanie Estrin, Stephen Fehér, Tad Daigle, Teodora Pogonat, Teresa Daugherty, Terri McGee, Theodocia Autumn Mae, Tiny Happy Clay, Ute Walker, Valerie Bentley, and Wendy Gilbert.


Host: Davis Gallery,  837 W 12th Ave.

Dates: September 15 – October 20

Artist talk: September 29, 2-4pm

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce De/Construction, a three-person exhibit featuring the work of Austin based artists Joseph Hammer, Chun Hui Pak, and Gabe Langholtz. This exhibit focuses on each artist’s unique ability to dismantle his or her subjects and re-imagine them into new, fascinating compositions.

War Games | Robert Levers

Host: Flatbed Press Gallery, 2830 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Dates: September 8 – October 27

War Games features drawings, prints, and paintings by Robert L. Levers a distinguished and well-loved University of Texas art professor who died in 1992. Selected works, culled from the artist’s private collection, trace his stylistic evolution from zany cartoons of soldiers created during the Vietnam War to a dramatic and skillfully rendered series of hapless terrorists inspired by the Gulf War. The game of football, with its pomp and ceremony and violent interplay, was also fair game to Levers’ critical eye. Included in the exhibition are his madcap cast of collegiate characters —cheerleaders, referees and fans in the stands— attempting to flee The University of Texas’ burning Memorial Stadium. A master draftsman and painter who anchored his work in satire and historical antecedents, Levers skillfully employed the human figure, along with a healthy dose of humor, throughout his long and successful artistic career.

Serene Disturbance

Host: grayDUCK Gallery, 2213 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Dates: September 15 – October 28

Scattered along the shores of a growing lake, small volcanic rocks disintegrate from endless fractures. Left behind in the wake of a glacier’s now constant recession, these scarred tokens from the mountain show an array of colorful shards between their dark crevices. “Serene Disturbance,” is the exploration of one such rock. One randomly picked rock from thousands, a perfect example of a broken cycle, a remnant of a pattern now askew.
Emphasizing the trajectory of this disturbance, I made a geometric pattern of the little rock, and carefully returned it to its resting place. From this pattern, I further deconstructed the rock by separating its twelve faces. Each face, each fragment distinguished by surface, line, and color takes shape and floats away as a new sculpture marking the rock’s slow return to basic elements. From there, large-scale sculptures create glacial forms calving off the wall just on the other side of the gallery floor. On closer inspection, the cracks and crevices themselves become black outlines, drawings of what once was a solid and foregone conclusion.


Host: The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center, 700 Congress Ave.

Date: Present – October 28

Conceived as a way of engaging with artists whose practices include live time-based events, Learning in Public is a series of discrete public performances, collaborations, and community engagements taking place in the gallery from September 22 to October 28, 2017.

Past & Present

Host: Sixth Street Gallery, 2000 E 6th St.

Dates: September 8 – October 28

Conversation with Artists: October 7, 1 – 3pm

Past and Present showcases artist who are using old mediums to have current conversations and present mediums to continue old conversations. The works included in this exhibition range in media and depict different narratives and realities. Pulling from different histories, perspectives and concepts allows for the artist to mediate and express themselves through their practice.

Thomas Cook: Nocturne

Date: September 1 – November 10

“Nocturne is a journey that views the world through the lens of night. Thomas reflects on our relationship with nature and the world we have built around us. With development expanding the urban landscape and nature disappearing, we search for beauty in our surroundings. The images turn introspective, as beauty and happiness are recalled in relationships and experiences of the past. Drawing on landscapes and images of the city, Thomas’ surreal compositions look for moments of clarity as we wait for sunrise.”


Blair Gallacher: Sound & Vision

Date: September 1 – November 10

Inspired by synesthesia, Blair Gallachar’s work examines the crossover between senses and the ways in which we interpret, understand, and feel consciousness.

The People’s Gallery 2018

Host: Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street

Date: February 2018 – January 2019

The People’s Gallery is designed to showcase the work of regional artists and to encourage public dialogue, understanding, and enjoyment of visual art. Each year, the Cultural Arts Division issues a call for artworks to Austin-area artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations. This year, approximately 1,300 entries were submitted by more than 320 local artists. The 2018 selection panelists were arts educator and artist Teruko Nimura; artist and Preparator (Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin) John Sager; and artist and Professor of Art, St. Edward’s University Tammie Rubin.

Artists in Conversation: Jessica Stockholder & Robert Davidson

Host: The Contemporary Austin -Jones Center, 700 Congress Ave.

Dates: September 15 – March 3

In just two weeks, The Contemporary Austin will unveil a brilliant new exhibition by acclaimed Chicago-based artist Jessica Stockholder. Bringing painting into three-dimensional space through the use of everyday objects, Relational Aesthetics, explores how form, color, abstraction, and relationships – between things, or even between artists – may generate meaning. In this spirit, Stockholder has invited the renowned First Nations sculptor, painter, and printmaker, Robert Davidson to exhibit a selection of works on paper.

As part of our opening weekend celebrations, we are delighted to host a conversation between Jessica Stockholder and Robert Davidson on Saturday afternoon, September 15. It is my pleasure to invite you to hear these celebrated artists speak together about their concurrent new exhibitions, Stockholder’s Relational Aesthetics and Davidson’s U and Eye, curated by Jessica Stockholder.