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Animal Facts Club – Jules Buck Jones

Host: The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria, 3809 West 35th Street

Thursday, November 7th at 7pm

Ticket is included with museum admission

The Contemporary Austin presents an Animal Facts Club meeting and open mic, led by artist Jules Buck Jones and biologist Audrey Stewart, to share and learn fascinating animal facts! Guests are invited to share their animal facts or just come to listen. Presentations can be in any format—read bullet point facts, write a poem, sing a song, show a slideshow or animal video, or have a Q&A. Presenters of any age are welcome.




Preetika Rajgariah: Wild, Wild Country

Host: Women & Their Work, 1710 Lavaca Street

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 9th, 11:30am – 1pm

Dates: October 5th – November 14th

In Preetika Rajgariah’s exhibition Wild, Wild Country, culture, capitalism, and classism collide on the yoga mat. Through sculpture, installation, and performance, Rajgariah explores how this spiritual practice with deep roots in Hinduism has proliferated into nearly every subculture of American society. Fascinated by yoga’s popularity but also its dramatic transformation, Rajgariah calls attention to yoga’s long history, its profound spiritual origin, and the nuanced line between appropriation and appreciation.


Curators in Conversation: The Sorcerer’s Burden: Contemporary Art and the Anthropological Turn

Host: The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center, 700 Congress Avenue

Thursday, November 14th 7pm

The Contemporary Austin invites the public to join Chief Curator Heather Pesanti and her colleague and former professor, the artist, critic, and curator Robert Storr, as they continue their ongoing conversation about interdisciplinarity. The discussion will focus on what the fields of art and anthropology stand to learn from one another, among the themes of The Sorcerer’s Burden.


Sarah Fox: Bruisers

Host: grayDUCK Gallery, 2213 E. Caesar Chavez

Puppet Show – Saturday, November 16th 3pm & 7pm

Dates: October 25 – December 15

Bruisers is an exhibition about the nature of little boys and the men that they become. It is an exhibition I made in an attempt to be a better mother and to create a safer world for my son.





Big Medium: East Austin Studio Tour

Dates: November 16-17 & November 23-24

Free, Open to the public

The mission of EAST and WEST is to provide an inclusive and accessible platform for a diverse group of artist’s to create, exhibit, and discuss their work, to increase the audience that experiences the artists work, and for that experience to create conversation and build relationships around art and the creative practice.





Sylvia Benitez: Recalling Memory/The Interior Lay

Host: Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Road

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 16th 1 – 3pm

Dates: November 12 – January 3, 2020

Artist Talk: Wednesday, December 11th at 7pm

Sylvia Benitez is a nationally awarded artist and founder of GAGA, a nonprofit that serves South Texas women artists, whose new body of work will be on display at the Dougherty Arts Center. Be it the flight of wind, the roll of grass or the ripple of water, Artist Sylvia Benitez tries to capture what she recalls of the Texas landscape from memory. Following in Ash Can School Artist Robert Henri’s tradition, she paints from a trained visual memory, allowing compiled visual observation to be captured onto her canvases.



Latency: Megan Bent

Host: Austin Central Library, 710 W. Cesar Chavez Street

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 21 6 – 9pm

Chlorophyll Printing Workshop – Friday, November 22 10am – 12pm; RSVP here

Dates: November 21 – December 21

The Central Library presents New England and Hawaii-based Artist Megan Bent’s photography exhibition exploring her experiences living with an invisible disability. She uses chlorophyll printing, an alternative photographic process, which uses UV light to print on leaves.



Two From Texas: Rick Steinberg & Ruth Keitz

Host: Ao5 Gallery, 3005 S. Lamar Blvd.

Reception: Saturday, November 23 7 – 9pm

Meet two Texas mixed media artists, Rick Steinburg & Ruth Keitz at their combined reception this fall. Steinburg is an Austin local who incorporates sculptural elements into his paintings. Ruth is a paper collage artist from the Rio Grande Valley and was a finalist in Ao5 Gallery’s 2019 Contemporary Texas art contest.




2019 International Art Tour: Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba

Host: CAMIBA art, 2000 East 6th Street

Traveling to both national and international destinations, CAMIBAart Tours explores the world with an eye on the artistic side of life. Our excursions give tour goers an intimate glimpse at the process behind the masterpiece as well as the artists themselves. If you love casual, exciting, enlightening travel and you love art, these are the tours for you. Check the calendar of tours here.