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January 2014:
Public art in Austin
PrintAustin 2014
Angie Renfro / Wally Workman Gallery
Kopriva Collection of German Expressionism / Flatbed Press and Gallery

February 2014:
Christa Blackwood / Photo Méthode Gallery
Jason Urban / Wally Workman Gallery
Juan Capistran / UT VAC
Charles Long / The Contemporary Austin
Megan Carney / Pump Project

March 2014:
Bethany Cobb / City Hall People's Gallery
Charles Long / The Contemporary Austin
Janel Jefferson / Wally Workman Gallery
Michael Sieben / UT VAC
Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt / Blanton Museum of Art
Deborah Hay / Blanton Museum of Art
Tiny Park Gallery
Randi Renate Mabry / Flex Space
Art in Public Places

April 2014:
Laguna Gloria
Michael Sieben / UT VAC

May 2014:
grayDUCK Gallery
Pat Snow / Big Medium
Blanton Museum of Art
Art. Science. Gallery.
Art in Public Places
Austin Arts Hall of Fame / Big Medium
Karen Hawkins / Gallery Shoal Creek
Fuhrman Family Collection / Blanton Museum of Art
Blog Reblog / Big Medium
Orly Genger / The Contemporary Austin
Anne Lester / grayDUCK Gallery

June 2014:
Terri Thomas / Big Medium Gallery
Young Latina Artists 19 / Mexic-Arte Museum
Raul Gonzalez & Julon Pinkston / grayDUCK Gallery
Susurrus,' 'Music for Wilderness Lake' / The Contemporary Austin


July 2014:
Nikola Tesla / Art. Science. Gallery.
In the Company of Cats and Dogs / Blanton
Laguna Gloria / The Contemporary Austin
Kasey Short / Big Medium Gallery
City Hall People's Gallery

August 2014:
Collector Glenn Fuhrman / The Contemporary Austin
Advanced Young Artists / TCA & Pump Project
Akiko Kotani / Women & Their Work
In the Company of Cats and Dogs / Blanton
Latin art collection / Blanton

September 2014:
Judy and Charles Tate collection / Blanton
The Making of 'Gone With the Wind' / Harry Ransom Center
Do Ho Suh / The Contemporary Austin

October 2014:
Gracelee Lawrence / grayDUCK Gallery
James Drake / Blanton Museum of Art
Laurie Frick / Art Science Gallery.
Megan Kimber and Adrian Landon Brooks / grayDUCK Gallery

November 2014:
Gladys Poorte / Davis Gallery
Ellen Heck / Wally Workman Gallery
Landmarks bike tour
East Austin Studio Tour
Andrea Heimer / Yard Dog Art Gallery


January 2013:
Texas Biennial
Jill Schroeder / grayDUCK Gallery
Jan Heaton / Wally Workman Gallery
Michael Menchaca / AMOA-Arthouse
Katie Maratta / Gallery Shoal Creek
Wendy Wagner / Women & Their Work

February 2013:
Bethany Johnson / AMOA-Arthouse
Michael Anthony Garcia / The People's Gallery
Landmarks - UT sculptures
Travis Weller / AMOA-Arthouse
Alumni Collections / Blanton Museum of Art

March 2013:
'Concerto Laguna' / AMOA-Arthouse, Laguna Gloria
Alumni Collections / Blanton Museum of Art
Aether Magazine
Soundspace / Blanton Museum of Art
Wendy Wagner / Women & Their Work
Arnold Newman / Harry Ransom Center
'A Certain Reality' / grayDUCK Gallery
Gallery Shoal Creek
Sonya Berg / Tiny Park Gallery

April 2013:
Kelly O'Connor / Women & Their Work
'Abstraction: Take 3' / Davis Gallery
Louis Grachos / AMOA-Arthouse
Blanton Museum of Art
AMOA-Arthouse Receives National Endowment for the Arts Grant

May 2013:
Canopy studios / Big Medium
Pinaree Sanpitak / AMOA-Arthouse
Justin Sherburn / Blanton Museum of Art
'Frame' / East Austin galleries
'Red Left Blue Right' / Grayduck Gallery
Monica Vida / Women & Their Work
Joel Ross and Jason Creps / Tiny Park Gallery

June 2013:
'Red Left Blue Right' / Grayduck Gallery
Tesseract / AMOA-Arthouse
"The Austin Wall" / City of Austin
Seher Shah / AMOA-Arthouse
'Luminous' / Blanton Museum of Art
Matthew John Winters and Pat Snow / Grayduck Gallery


July 2013:
"Lifelike" / Blanton Museum of Art
Michael Anthony García / Mexic-Arte Museum
Lakes Were Rivers / Harry Ransom Center
Patrick Puckett / Wally Workman Gallery
The Contemporary Austin
"The Town & The City" / Davis Gallery
Erika Blumenfeld / Women & Their Work

August 2013:
Drawing Annual/ Tiny Park Gallery
Devon Dikeoua / The Contemporary Austin
Jason Webb /Grayduck Gallery
"Lifelike" / Blanton Museum of Art
"Thirst" / Women & Their Work

September 2013:
Texas Biennia / Big Medium
A guide to some must-see art events
"Thirst" / Women & Their Work

October 2013:
Erin Curtis / The Contemporary Austin
Field Collision / Pump Project Flex Space
Laguna Gloria / The Contemporary Austin
Skyspace / Landmarks Public Art - UT
Stephen L. Clark Gallery

November 2013:
Ricardo Paniagua / Big Medium
Flatbed Press & Gallery
Imperial Augsburg / Blanton Museum of Art
Ed Ruscha / Harry Ransom Center
Waltercio Caldas / Blanton Museum of Art
Rebecca Marino / Pump Project

December 2013:
Curator Beverly Adams/ Blanton Museum of Art
Yuliya Lanina / Women & Their Work
grayDUCK Gallery
Ann Conner / Flatbed Press & Gallery