March 17 - April 15

Gallery Shoal Creek

The Aesthetics of MILT KOBAYASHI

Gallery Shoal Creek is pleased to present a new collection of work by New York-based artist Milt Kobayashi. The exhibition opens with a reception on March 17 and runs through April 15. Time stands still in Mr. Kobayashi’s quiet moments, yet the expressive narrative ebbs and flows with a cadence of color and distinctive brushwork. Over the course of his career, he has perfected his fine art of subtlety and adopted a growing freedom in his use of color. To describe his artistic aesthetic, Mr. Kobayashi references the Russian-born painter, Nicholai Fechin: “the important thing is not the object painted, but how the canvas is filled through the filter of the artist’s creative idea.”

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February 24 – March 25

ICOSA Collective

Terra Goolsby & Anna Pederson: Under the Skin

“Under the Skin” is a collection of new works by Anna Pedersen and Terra Goolsby that feature disembodied segments drawn from traditional mythologies. These sculptural works connect aspects of the grotesque with feminine strength and sexuality while exploring the tensions between creation and destruction, growth and decay, as well as beauty and absurdity. The work alludes to darker aspects of femininity, such as the predatory and the seductive.

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January 13 - March 18

Asian American Resource Center

Sherry Xiao: Thinking of Home and Word Play

Asian American artist Sherry Xiao explores her desire to belong to the presumed Asian American identity using elements of Chinese calligraphy. Xiao plays with the word “banana,” which sounds very similar to “thinking of home” in Chinese, and is also a slang term for Asian Americans who possess yellow skin but have been immersed in Western culture. Additionally, Xiao probes the nature of internet communication in the age of Skype, presenting abstracted patches of color mimicking the way images become grids of squares during a video chat.

Word Play is a presentation of community art produced by local children transforming Chinese characters into art. Special thanks to the young artists and community members from the Asian American Cultural Center, the Gus Garcia Recreation Center, and the Austin Chinese School.

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January 27 - February 25

MASS Gallery

Will Gaynor and Adam Young: Rural Kingdoms

Rural Kingdoms, an exhibit of all new paintings and other works from Will Gaynor and Adam Young, is a collection of work that seeks to expand the visual implications of both the words “rural” and “kingdom” – to imply that rural is more than just a place outside of town, but can be somewhere far away from even the slightest constructs of a traditional landscape – a place you can only get to from traveling your own thoughts. Maybe your kingdom has no castle – or maybe it’s in a butterfly sanctuary, or a knot in an old tree – maybe it’s a desert hallucination or it could just be a broke down barn on the side of two lane highway.

In addition to their paintings, Gaynor and Young are collaborating with Austin florist and artist, Erin Knipp, on a large scale, immersive walk-in installation within the gallery. The structure will combine the unique imagery and aesthetics in the artists’ works in an effort to create an ethereal sanctuary, befallen to, and at the same time, glorified by nature.

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February 4 - February 25

Pump Project

Suzanne Wyss: Similar not the Same

Searching for uncommon materials in common places, Wyss hunts out lush textures, repetition, and organic movement while reusing or recycling whenever possible. The hundreds of VHS tapes that make up this jungle installation are enough movies to get completely lost in.

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February 25 - March 26

grayDUCK Gallery

Jana Swec: Congitopia

The process of collaborative art making feels like trying to solve a puzzle with infinite paths one could take, but they all lead to a solution. When collaborating on a piece, you do not begin with a finished product in mind; It’s about the process of perspective; It’s about weaving and integrating ideas and concepts together. There’s a freedom and palpable sense of adventure when making art this way. It teaches us how to let go of control and embrace the unknown. It surprises and forces us out of our comfort zone. It opens doors and illuminates paths that would not have been visible otherwise.

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March 4 - 25

Wally Workman Gallery

Ian Shults: Petting Zoo

Being a painter who addresses debauchery and subversive behavior, this show leans heavily on the idea of relationship: relationship between persons as well as between person and vice. Each piece is executed in Shults’ signature bold strokes with a new broadening of color palette for the artist.

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February 17 – March 11


Zoë Shulman: Circuit Topology

Zoë Schulman’s colorful approach fuses traditional analytical ideologies with imaginative expression. Fascinated with the scholarly as much as with the creative, Zoë‘s nonconformist inspiration derives from theory, chaos, and circuitry. Observing the progression of her artistry through her unique presentation of painting, design, sculpture and installation, one can’t help but recognize Zoë’s undeniable talents! CAMIBAart is honored to introduce Zoë Schulman and her first solo exhibit, Circuit Topology.

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February 25 - March 19

Art on 5th

Steven Lavaggi & Gabriela Villarreal: Elemental Creation

These artists are both abstract painters who’s work evokes elemental imagery of earth, fire, water, and the heavens.  Steven Lavaggi is a prolific Austin-based artist who has been painting professionally for over 45 years. His large color field paintings contain a spontaneous energy that captivates the imagination. Mexican artist Gabriela Villarreal’s dynamic paintings capture the vitality and color of the environment where she grew up in Monterrey. Her earthy color palette is accented by delicate touches of metallic golds.

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February 11 - March 12

Art on 5th

Trá Slaughter: I Am # 1, I Am No One

Houston-based artist Trá Slaughter uses portraiture to examine the modern human condition. His work explores the outward expression of our inner emotions in today’s time of social media, where everybody is somebody but we are all really nobody.

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January 28-February 12

Link & Pin

Print Austin Invitational Exhibit

Under the big tent called “Art”, find many forms. Art flows from far more than a brush. Art encompasses many techniques.

The next Link & Pin showing features the Print Austin Invitational Exhibit with select members from PrintMatters in Houston. Artists include Andis Applewhite, Luisa Duarte, Helen Gerritzen, Cathie Kayser, Suzanne Manns, and Anna Mavromatis.

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February 4-25

Wally Workman Gallery

Jen Garrido: Solo Show

Wally Workman Gallery is opening its first show with painter Jen Garrido in February. Garrido’s work depicts nature-based forms and rhythms while weighing ambiguity with representation. Her process is that of adding and subtracting, abstracting and transforming. Using gouache and watercolor, Garrido’s translucent gestures appear to evolve across each work’s negative space, inspiring a sense of lightness and life.

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